Company Car Owned by Oolix

  • This is my Accord Type-R

    I use as my demo car for my company Fiberworx and as my daily.

    Modifications & Optional Extras

    Accord Type-R

    Pirates black
    Carbon grill
    Carbon rear plinth
    Carbon spoiler
    Carbon front wings
    Bee sting ariel
    Tinted windows
    Window deflectors

    17" Rotas
    Tein Coilovers
    Tein front strut brace
    Underneath front brace
    Underneath rear brace
    Wing braces
    Vented disks and pads all round


    Momo steering wheel
    Momo pedals
    Tein harness
    Harness bar

    Engine :-

    Uprated manifold
    Lighten flywheel
    Uprated cams
    Uprated pulleys
    S2000 injectors
    K&N typhoon
    Ally Rad
    heavyset hoses
    Catch can
    Custom cam cover
    Washer and bolt kit
    Brake stopper
  1. That's one fine looking ATR want more pics :Smile:
  2. Gorgeous, great choice of alloys.
  3. Thanks guys wait till next year then when it will be coming back out for the shows.

    Been off the road for a year
  4. Love the exterior, very presentable. Saw some shots of the rear-end in our Facebook group :Smile:
  5. Stunning car looks like a very well maintained daily runner with a nice twist.