First Accord
Previously Owned Owned by Superman001

  • Modifications & Optional Extras

    I replaced the blowing exhaust with a custom 2.5 inch stainless system, Pipercross panel filter and Magnecor KV85 leads.
    Other than oil/filter changes this car needed nothing in the 3 years I had it and I wish I had kept it.
  1. I hesitate to ask but what sort of mpg did you get?
    1. Superman001 Avatar
      On a run driving between Glasgow and Southampton she used to get about 32-34mpg and about 26-28mpg around town and B roads.
      Superman001, Friday 27th Mar, 2015
  2. I had a CC7 for 9 years. Great car.
    I know how you feel about letting her go, but she started you on the Honda path and that's got to be good.:Grin:
    Do you have any more photographs?
    1. Superman001 Avatar
      I think thats the only photo I have, I may have had a few more on an old laptop but I think said laptop died.
      Superman001, Friday 27th Mar, 2015
    2. Superman001 Avatar
      I went to look for other images and all I could find on an old mobile phone from 2008 was that picture from the engine bay after I fitted the Magnecor leads.
      Superman001, Friday 27th Mar, 2015
  3. It's a Honda, just keep feeding it oil and it be happy :Smile:
    1. Superman001 Avatar
      Thats literally all it needed, I all always let it warm up properly but after it was warm it was driven to the redline about 80% of the time and never let me down.
      Superman001, Thursday 26th Mar, 2015
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