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    Thought I would put up a rather substandard photo of the new to us family car. This is the first time I have strayed from the standard car and I have to say I do think it excels at cruising about in. Main reason for change was that ex car was getting to a certain age and we now have a 1 year old daughter and the amount of stuff to haul about is unreal ... So one of these came up on the radar even though I had pretty much decided on an Accord

    I admit it does take a bit of getting used to ... Mainly getting to grips with driving a derv. Remember all my cars to date have been high revving petrol honda's, so it's been difficult to get the best from it still balancing economy and some form of performance.

    It's an EX model so has all the bits most people know about on here. It is a late 12 edition with just under 18k on the clock. It is in pretty decent condition but a few bits to sort out over time, carry out my own servicing (regardless of service intervals) and buy a new set of boots.

    The pic supplied is from inside my detailers garage as of last night. However most of his good work was ruined on way home due to early evening and the onslaught of flies when the nice weather is around. But he has given me a solid base to work from.

    Will try to keep this thread going with any bits n bobs I do to the vehicle over the course of ownership.
  1. Nice! Is that the 2.2 dtec in there ? Considering doing a Celtic remap ?
    1. nsxer Avatar
      Yup that's the donkey!

      Not sure what route I will go down re the map but hope to get something sorted this year. My other Honda's are keen to take my money though!
      nsxer, Thursday 7th May, 2015
  2. I do like those wheels. Very nice. :Smile:
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  3. Great looking motor, love silver cars , they always look clean. Enjoy!!
    Mike c
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  4. That does look really good in silver :Smile:

    That combination of colour, wheels, and darkened rear glass works really well.
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  5. Looks really good bud especially when all the trim and mudflaps are colour codded :GoodJob:
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    1. nsxer Avatar
      Yeah added bonus, with all the colour coding
      nsxer, Tuesday 24th Jun, 2014
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