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  • Hi all,
    It's time to park my car to HK garage :Smile:
    It is Honda Accord tourer 2.4 Vtec - Executive (without leather and navi)

    Modifications & Optional Extras

    For now I only bought "roof rails" from a guy from Croatia who imported crashed Accord from England.
    Plans for future are not big: I want to have tinted windows, (windows visors maybe), bigger alloy (17'? 18'? don't know jet).
    I have added few photos of LPG installation on @SpeedyGee 's request.
  1. Good to see your Accord in the Club Garage @Hondas.
    I look forward to seeing the interior pictures. :Photographer:
    1. Hondas Avatar
      It took some time, but now here are photos of interior :Smile:
      Hondas, Tuesday 24th Feb, 2015
  2. Looking good.
    Love the snow pictures.
    1. Hondas Avatar
      Thank you :Smile:
      Hondas, Tuesday 24th Feb, 2015
  3. That's interesting, an Exec model without leather and navi, not heard of that combo before.

    She's looking good though, right at home in the snow :Smile:

    How does she compare with the Subaru ?
    1. Hondas Avatar
      Well, the Subaru is 3.0 boxer 4x4 with 246 HP, so it is a "little bit" faster, especially from the start :Smile:
      A will upload photos of interior.. maybe there was an Exec like I have only for one part of Europe? I don't know.
      Hondas, Friday 6th Feb, 2015
    2. Hondas Avatar
      Here it is.. photos of interior and LPG system. I was looking on Slovenian webpage and I found few more Hondas with same Exec combination.
      Hondas, Tuesday 24th Feb, 2015
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