First Type-R
Previously Owned Owned by Superman001

  • Modifications & Optional Extras

    Standard apart from Japspeed front upper strut brace and AEM short ram induction.
  1. A nice clean EP3, I hope that it got sold to someone who will take of this car. It would be a shame to sell it to a chav who will most likely ruin and abuse this car :Frown:
  2. She looks great. How long did you have her?
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    1. Superman001 Avatar
      I think I only had this EP3 for about 6-7 months then as my annual mileage increased it got traded in for a E90 320d.
      Superman001, Friday 27th Mar, 2015
  3. Love these EP3s. Bet you miss it !
    1. Superman001 Avatar
      Yes I do miss it, if I had the space and the funds to run 3 cars I would have kept it.
      Superman001, Thursday 26th Mar, 2015
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