FR-V 2.2 cdti
Daily Driver Owned by ekimbboc

  • This is the Ex model so full leather, heated driver and passenger seats, auto wipers, 6 cd front loader disc changer and detachable tow bar.
    It's shared between my wife and I as our daily driver, looking to keep it for the foreseeable future and to put my own touch on it to make an already different car just a bit more unique!

    Modifications & Optional Extras

    Fly-eye mesh on wing mirror indicators and top brake light.
    Black Plastidipped ; grill, chrome boot strip, door handles and emblems.

    To do:
    Black Plastidip; roof rails.
    Get some nice wheels.
    Double din install.
    Look into sound deadening.

    Service History & Related Threads

    Full service history mostly at a honda main dealer
  1. A black FR-V.
    Good to see you've added extra pictures Mike. :Niceone:
    1. ekimbboc Avatar
      Thanks, I'm surprised how much better it looks with some of the chrome blacked out, just the handles and roof rails to go.
      ekimbboc, Sunday 3rd Apr, 2016
  2. Every time a new FR-V gets uploaded to the club garage, I think what a great car it is. Such a shame that Honda left the MPV sector.

    This looks very tidy indeed and the beige leather always looks good.

    1. ekimbboc Avatar
      Thanks, yeah always liked the look of them, alot nicer shape than most mpvs! I'm glad I've sprayed the grill.
      ekimbboc, Sunday 3rd Apr, 2016
  3. Welcome please do load up more picture when you can.