Daily Driver Owned by 3tariq

  • Daily family car sports model in nighthawk black 2.2 i cdti.

    Modifications & Optional Extras

    18" alloys, led side lights and also hid kit with projectors. Remapped with the Elite Remap.

    Service History & Related Threads

    Full service history
  1. Here's the guys number 07900 817818 sorry i can't remember his name lol
  2. She does look well with a little TLC.
    Those alloys really make a big difference too. :Niceone:
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    1. FirstHonda Avatar
      Agree @Nels those alloys look splendid.
      FirstHonda, Monday 8th Aug, 2016
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    2. Bones126 Avatar
      Nice looking car, looks great poilished. What projector kit is that please?
      Cheers, Dave
      Bones126, Wednesday 10th Aug, 2016
    3. 3tariq Avatar
      Hi Dave I can't remember the make but I got it done by someone who took the headlamp apart then fitted the projectors and resealed it I think it cost me about £200 supply and fit. I can get you the guys number if you want.
      3tariq, Sunday 14th Aug, 2016
    4. Bones126 Avatar
      Yeah, that would be good @3tariq . Cheers, nice set up.
      Bones126, Monday 15th Aug, 2016