Weekend Toy Owned by ohrly

  • Original spec came with electric mirrors (non-folding), electric windows, cruise control, 4W ALB.

    Modifications & Optional Extras

    300ZX seats
    Corbeau inertia harnesses
    Stripped interior
    OBD1 swap
    (F22 adaptor plate
    F22 distributor
    P06 mapped ECU
    B16 intake manifold
    B16 injectors)
    NATO green military surplus paint
    RSL Cult 15x8.5 et25
    Rear camber arms
    Front (2G Prelude) camber arms
    BC Coilovers
    ABS removal
    Cruise control removal

    Service History & Related Threads

    Currently going through engine rebuild
  1. That NATO green looks really good on it, very unique, nice choice. :Smile:
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  2. Nice to see an Aerodeck on here :Thumbup:
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