Track Project Owned by C7Ewan

  • Bought in 2015 as a rolling shell, stripped completely , seem welded and in the process of rebuilding

    Modifications & Optional Extras

    To Follow as Built
  1. Seem to have uploaded a few of the images twice there... haha.. ADMIN = how do i delete the extra pics?
  2. Ye i Have a second EG running a B16a2 that is rotten but engine is good. so going to swap the engine
  3. woah looking forward to seeing this project @C7Ewan I take it you have a few donor cars for parts?
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  4. Look forward to reading/seeing her progress to completion.

    I'm currently doing a Kswap project on a EG myself with a K24 frank engine and DC5 gearbox.

    Should be getting the engine in today.
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