Daily Driver Owned by D.JO

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    Modifications & Optional Extras

    High performence MTEC grooved rotors
    Mintex pads
    19'' alloys with 235/35/19 tyres
    Belstein B4 shocks
    H&R 35mm lowering springs
    Catback stight pipe
    Mugen rear headlights
    Mugen rear window visor
    Android stereo unit, WI-FI, OBD bluetooth diagnostics sensor etc.

    Service History & Related Threads

  1. Yes, I have just uploaded pictures with the springs and shocks fitted .
  2. Interesting suspension mod. Are the picture made with H&R springs and Bilstein B4 shocks fitted?
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  3. Next month plan is to upgrad to new EGR valve and EGR sensor, speed sensor, ABS sensor.
  4. Saturday going to fit all shocks with springs, so gonna upload more fotos :Smile:
  5. more pics please .. she looks like she's well take care off :Smile:
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