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  • EST with full leather. One previous careful lady owner. Honest ! ... Previously owned here '05 F-RV Sport, 2000 Series I CR-V.

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  1. Hi any hassle ref insight? bought ramps for service,but had to get extensions,as low ground clearance,changed oil etc,doddle,put a quick drain valve(fuomoto )wrong spelling maybe,but well pleased with it ,easy for future oil change,add a rubber hose on ,direct oil to pan,no mess
  2. Look's lovely
  3. Thanks Garrydhu, well pleased with the car, I know it's early days, but previous Hondas have never disappointed. Glad to say got two keys with it. As I posted on your Garage page, good to see yours - they're as rare as hen's teeth in this part of the world, East Scotland.
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      Hi ,how are you getting on with the insight? I've purchased a second key,changed the air/oil/CVT/oil filter/cabin filter,and bought a boot cover(I've a westie,a rather skelly one)and am awaiting a fumoto quick oil drain valve,,,,cars grand,got wipers in lidl,cheap,but OK,,,only prob is,I can't check the oil life,,,went through all the Ravi/instructions online,no joy,,just can't get it up on my screen,must be something to do with being a jap import,,,interested to hear how your car is ?
      Garrydhu, Thursday 15th Oct, 2015
  4. Nice colour,jealous about the leather,get 2 keys,?,just got a second transponder key cut and coded today, e90,,,,not so bad,but a must,cost e250 plus from a dealer ,in Ireland,,, obviously cheaper in u.k.,good luck with the motor,,interested to see what u think about the motor, mileage,economy,problems etc
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