Harrys Jazz
Daily Driver Owned by harry22673

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    Modifications & Optional Extras

    Foot well lights
    Chrome under door handles
    Windscreen wiper spoilers
    Orange tape everywhere it will stick
    Orange edged mats
    VTEC badge on both sides
    Dashboard toys
    Cree sidelights LED interior lights
    Mugen socks
    Orange stripes
    Tow stickers
    Rally style mudflaps
    Puddle lights
    Mugen radiator cap and oil cap
    Led reverse lights and number plate lights
    Chrome 'Jazz' door sills
    Password:JDM washers in engine bay
    Debadged boot
    Whiter xenon look headlight bulbs
    Orange plastidipped glovebox, stereo and air vents
    Bumper protectors flaring bottom of front bumper

    Tyre pen
    Red Mugen radiator and oil cap
    Yellow headlight bulbs
    Orange wrapped mirrors and glovebox
    Orange wiper arm caps
    Custom made DRLs (had to come off as the Chinese side of the LEDs started to show...)
  1. Anything new with this one recently?
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    1. harry22673 Avatar
      Nothing yet but I have this useful stacker on its way which is netted and goes down the side of the seat
      Will be filled with nappies and wipes and baby bits so I can get rid of this bag that sits under the car seat
      Nice and practical
      harry22673, Wednesday 28th Dec, 2016
  2. Gorgeous car, gorgeous work. Bravo! :likeit:
  3. Great!!!! I love it
  4. Loving the lighting. Nice touches with the washers. I think I'll be going blue in the engine bay when my car lands :Smile:
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  5. Really digging this project.

    Will be following it.
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  6. Very cool ... I would of never thought of it, but the orange accents really add nice contrasting accents, well done. All and all a very tastefully done ride!! BTW, some really good photos as well.
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  7. I do like the Honda puddle light. Was it easy to fit?
    1. harry22673 Avatar
      That was just double sided tape to the door
      It has to be lined up with a magnet on the door sill though so does take a few times of opening and closing the door to see if it works
      harry22673, Sunday 31st Jan, 2016
  8. It's great to see how you're getting on Harry. She's certainly unique now.
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  9. The 'Honda' light projected from the bottom of the door looks very smart:clap:
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  10. New plan for badges
    Spray orange with plastidip or equivalent but I seem to be finding a can for about £12 but the can is quite a size and it seems like the rest might be a waste
    Anyone have any idea where I can get a cheaper can from
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