Harvey's 6th Generation Accord 2 litre SE
Previously Owned Owned by Harvey

  • I purchased this nice example of a year 2000 Honda Accord in the back end of February 2014 as a replacement for a 1996 Vauxhall Astra Turbo Diesel which I had owned for around 5 1/2 years, in that time keeping it clean and maintained to the best of my abilities and budget. Sadly that Astra had cost me alot of money in the three months to February and needed more work as it was getting on to 17 years old and I was getting tired of its harsh ride and slowness, but do miss its fuel economy.
    I found this car on eBay, with an asking price of £600, but also the option to bid, which I took bidding it up to £375, which I won it at 8:10am. I knew the car needed a little bit of work, like a new centre section of exhaust, which was ordered before I'd even picked the car up as it was mentioned in the listing that it would need this.
    I was pleasantly surprised at how clean and well presented the car was when I finally got to collect it that night, though on the drive home I did become aware of two little problems, it needed front ARB droplinks and brakes looking at, as it pulled to the right.

    I got a little bit of a shock from the garage as the car needed a backbox as well as the centre section, but that was ordered and fitted no problems.

    Next was to tackle the brakes. I discovered that the passenger side front pads where stuck in place and that was the cause of the pulling. the last person to maintain them seemed to have hammered the pads home, not lubed them up or anything, nor had the cleaned the anti rattle clips or surrounding areas.
    With that cleaned up and working correctly, I regreased the front brakes with silicone lube and moved onto the back, only to discovered they where in even poorer condition.
    I ordered new pads and discs from Eurocarparts, some Pagid replacement parts.
    I then had to unsieze the slider pins on both sides and replace the passenger side caliper as it was rusted solid, once freed up and lubricated they where all good.

    Next thing to discover was a small patch of rust with a hole, in a bad place, this was in the area where the subframe bracket mounts to the body. £60 later i had the rust hole repaired.

    1/09/14 I took the car to get its MOT and I was super impressed, the car sailed through with just an advisory on inner edge of front tyres worn!
    Not 1 mechanical thing was at fault!


    Having not updated this for a little while I have done a few little things in terms of improvements to the car.

    First off I have fitted a leather steering wheel, which came from an SE Executive model and also, though yet to fit got the front fog lights from the same car, along with the switch and brackets I have also installed although yet to complete a full Bose speaker install, also from an SE Executive, ince subwoofer.

    I have now fitted the spoiler from a Sport model, which improves the look of the back end a whole lot

    As of today my little daily driven baby has reached 134,500 miles on the clock and still feels as nice now as the day I bought her with around 117k on the clock.


    Its been a while since I have updated the page for this old girl and she has had her fair share of ups and downs since the last update.
    In March of '16 the old girl had a brand new fuel filter fitted which was her first in 16 years of ownership, that I can gather as the old one was the original one.

    I have also discovered some rare as rocking horse poo front foglights that where the genuine add on that Honda made for non foglight equipped cars. This was fitted which required the front bumper to be removed and while there I replaced a headlight that was aged and going rather yellow.

    She has had more welding done, mostly to the cill on the passenger side and a huge hole I found under the drivers side wheel arch O.O!

    She actually failed her last MOT due to the welding and also a badly worn lower balljoint which was promptly replaced.

    I have also replaced the clutch slave cylinder as that developed a leak, which I only found due to trying to cure a creaking clutch pedal, which still hasn't been cured, I think more silicone spray is needed! It was also this that made it touch and go whether I made it to the Forge Action day at Castle Combe that one of the members on here organised.

    The following day after which, My Accord went home! Yes she went back to Swindon where she was built 16 years ago! Aaaaaand security wouldn't let me take any photos. sadly :Frown:

    it was then on the Cheddar Gorge, Wookey hole and then Home for a round trip of 449 miles.

    Phew, I think we are up to date now on this old girl having now clocked in at 144k on the clock


    I have now added a guide on how to fix the tailgate opener as mine broke on me and the good old girl reached 145k and going strong .

    Modifications & Optional Extras

    Mods are, although subtle
    SE Executive leather steering wheel
    SE Executive Bose speakers and subwoofer
    Sport rear spoiler
    Front fog lights

    I intend to fit
    Induction kit
    Stainless exhaust system
    Type -V or SE Executive centre console with arm rest
  1. She's served you well and given you the opportunity to learn and practice those mechanical skills that have set you up for life.
    Sad to see her go, as I know how well you took care of her. Onward and upwards to your 7th Generation.
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    1. Harvey Avatar
      I am sad to see her go indeed. But as you say onward and upward with my 7th Generation
      Harvey, Friday 23rd Dec, 2016
  2. Well done mate for letting the others know her full story and is great to know all the effort you put in to make sure she could make it to the show :Smile:
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    1. Harvey Avatar
      Aye, gotta let people know how she's looked after.
      Harvey, Thursday 22nd Sep, 2016
  3. Absolutely gorgeous, man. Looks like you've cared for it well! A great example of the 6th Generation. Always liked that colour. When it came to buy my most recent Accord, it was between an Atlantic Blue and the Emerald Green I ended up with. The green holds a special nostalgia for me. It's the same colour as my first Accord and I fell in love with it. I find the paintwork on the blue and green ones pop under the right lighting.
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    1. Harvey Avatar
      Thank you very much
      Harvey, Saturday 13th Feb, 2016
  4. Hello mate saw a 6th Generation Accord driving through Morpeth today and the registration looked familiar - X981 BCN - so I checked your pictures and it's your car's brother or sister :lol:

    It's a red hatch and looked in decent condition from what I could see - it was going the other way to me at the time and the traffic was quite heavy so didn't get a decent look at it but I'll keep an eye out for it.

    (By the way I don't try and learn people's registrations I've just got a reasonably good memory once I've seen a reg. :lol:)
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    1. Harvey Avatar
      Awesome, I'll have to look on the dvla website and ask mid.
      Harvey, Tuesday 26th Jan, 2016
  5. It's great to see an Accord cherished and maintained so well.

    She does you great credit :clap:
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    1. Harvey Avatar
      Thank you matey.
      Harvey, Tuesday 1st Dec, 2015
  6. Lovely looking Accord @Harvey great to see cars looked after so well and love the blue. :Niceone:

    By the way I notice it must be from my neck of the woods originally - "BCN" is a Newcastle registration.
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    2. John Dickson Avatar
      I know that garage well - it's long been demolished now though. Used to be Nissan Newcastle and then AFG Nissan - my parents bought many a Nissan from there. It changed to Honda when Nissan pulled AFG's franchise. I remember when it was Springfield Honda I looked at 6th Generation Accord Sport. I was looking at a Civic but saw and drove the Accord and I was hooked! Was ex-Honda company car so had next to no miles on it and was a cracking deal.
      John Dickson, Wednesday 7th Oct, 2015
    3. John Dickson Avatar
      I went off to do the maths and it sold almost as soon as I left to work the maths out. Gutted I missed out as it was a cracking Accord. Springfield moved from there to a garage in Gateshead and then to Scotswood Road which is now Newcastle Honda as Vertu bought the Honda franchise from Springfield. Springfield still the authorised Honda repairer though and their other franchises still exist.
      John Dickson, Wednesday 7th Oct, 2015
    4. John Dickson Avatar
      Yep Blyth and Cramlington just down the road from me in Morpeth. I often see @Duc de Pommfrit on the roads around here. I'm sure it's a secret HK staff spot check to ensure I'm still cleaning my Accord ;-)
      John Dickson, Wednesday 7th Oct, 2015
  7. Hey Harvey have you done anything recently? Have you seen my recent additions I did a week ago? Took some pics with nice scenery once had completed the job too as you had made me realise all my pics were in boring locations so thanks for that :Smile:
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    1. Harvey Avatar
      Owdoo guy, I haven't done much lately appart from trying to track down some obsolete parts (namely an oe foglight harness) and change the fluid in my power steering for some fresh. I have had a glance at your recent photographs and they do indeed look fantastic, especially with the sunset :Smile: hopefully the next big thing is to restore my air conditioning, with a new condensor and maybe a receiver dryer if I can find one.
      Harvey, Monday 16th Feb, 2015
  8. Look forward to seeing what you do with the stainless exhaust, as I think I will go that route too. Also your car would look good with the Type-R mesh grille. I fitted one on mine, brand new just the mesh part from Holdcroft for £27, makes the front end look more sporty!
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    1. Harvey Avatar
      That's a good price and I agree, I want one! I don't know as and when I can afford a stainless system, but longlife quoted me £200
      Harvey, Sunday 8th Feb, 2015
    2. exec Avatar
      £200? Seems a bargain! what sections?
      exec, Sunday 8th Feb, 2015
    3. Harvey Avatar
      I think it was for a cat back system mate, with twin 2 1/2 inch inward rolled tips. A friend of mine had exhaust manifolds and system fitted to a BMW for £350, so 200 seems reasonable to me.
      Harvey, Sunday 8th Feb, 2015
  9. Love your write up and fair play you now own a very nice car for a few hundred pound :Smile:
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    1. Harvey Avatar
      Thanks very much mate :Smile: I look forward to reading yours.
      Harvey, Friday 6th Feb, 2015
  10. I had this model a few moons ago great car,stick with honda you can't go wrong,oh and hello nieghbour
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    1. Harvey Avatar
      Honda are great cars indeed. In fact these cars must be so good, I rarely see many of these in scrappies, and I've never seen one newer than 2001 in Wrexham, just goes to show unless they are creashed they are reliable.
      Harvey, Monday 26th Jan, 2015