Daily Driver Owned by capino34

  • It has factory optional immo and infra keyless... but previously owner broke immo control and lost keyless control :Frown:

    Modifications & Optional Extras

    Some mods will come in future like D2 suspension, Remus or Stromung exhaust, Magnaflow hi-flow cat, USDM front side markers and taillights. I have OEM KA7 rear spoiler/wing, but in different colour so it need paint job.
  1. This is stunning, proper Honda design, just looks so awesome the Coupe is another looker too. The only thing that kept these cars from becoming some sort of a cult classic status or gaining cult following is being FWD, if they were RWD they would probably be more highly sought after.
  2. Classic Legend really good example @capino34 out of all your three Honda I think you will treasure this one.
  3. Three months, she was bought from Gemany..
  4. She's in great condition. How long have you had her?
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