Honda Accord 1.8i S
Daily Driver Owned by Vinay

  1. Just turned my turning lights into daylight running lights
  2. Hello everyone, thought it was time to get some new shoes for my accord..
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    1. exec Avatar
      Looks fnatastic, your car is coming along really nice. What wheels are they? Also do you use your tow bar? If not get rid of it will make the car look cleaner.
      exec, Wednesday 10th Jun, 2015
    2. Vinay Avatar
      Thank you!! Those are Dezent V wheels. I actually use my tow bar... to damage other vehicles.
      Vinay, Saturday 13th Jun, 2015
    3. Jables667 Avatar
      ^ Aha! Yes! Tow bars make excellent parking sensors.
      Jables667, Sunday 24th Jan, 2016
  3. Hello everyone!! Because of the nice weather today I thought let's get my accord cleaned! After doing that I finally got a chance to install the spoilerlip for my accord.
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    2. Vinay Avatar
      Bought it from eBay, just gave them the length of my trunklid (with the curvature) and the color code . $39
      Vinay, Monday 9th Mar, 2015
    3. exec Avatar
      Thanks man, that looks very good, they don't seem to do my colour, what size did you give for the measurement?
      exec, Thursday 12th Mar, 2015
    4. Vinay Avatar
      U can mail them your color code. I gave them the length of 118,5 centimeters
      Vinay, Friday 13th Mar, 2015
  4. Looking good. Please add more photographs when you can.
  5. She looks fantastic, are those wheels painted white?
    1. Vinay Avatar
      THankss! No, the wheels are light silver/grey. I don't know the exact color name
      Vinay, Friday 27th Feb, 2015
  6. She looks like a well kept 6th Generation. Please do tell us more @Vinay :Smile:
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    1. Vinay Avatar
      THanks!! She is a well kept 6th Generation. First I had some issues with the central locking mechanism but I am glad it is solved now thanks to the several tips on this forum. Second I was experimenting with the lights, I already have installed HID lamps (6000k). Next will be the turn signals, I want to install LED's in it so I bought a resistor for the LED's that prevents hyper blinking. I hope to find more inspiration on this forum which I can use on my Accord.
      Vinay, Thursday 26th Feb, 2015
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