Honda Accord 8th Generation
Weekend Toy Owned by tsentr

  1. I like the sport kit! You believe the bumper has been respraid? Mine has 165.000 km and looks awfull because of highway driving and parking damage.
    1. tsentr Avatar
      Hi, yes and my has been resprayed. And the grill the black plastic around have big scratch from the shipping on boat to my country.
      tsentr, Sunday 18th Sep, 2016
  2. looks very smart, don't worry about your English, a lot of Brits can't type as good as you have :Grin:
    1. tsentr Avatar
      Thanks LAN3Y!
      tsentr, Sunday 11th Sep, 2016
    2. ZeroZ Avatar
      ZeroZ, Wednesday 14th Sep, 2016
  3. I just buy this car from Warrington Uk. And it's arrive before some days. For the mileage it's like new and the driving experience it's best, I make a oil changing our honda Cyprus allow me to fill with 0/20 honda oil, oil filter air filter and just washing. In highway it's give me 53 mpg but and town 40 to 44 mpg, it's good?
    1. exec Avatar
      Wow, really? that seems a bit too good to be true. Lovely motor though!
      exec, Monday 12th Sep, 2016
  4. Hi for all. Sorry for my English I'm Greek from Cyprus. I'm very happy for this forum about the Accords.
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