Honda Accord CL7
Daily Driver Owned by Beatport

  • Honda Accord Cl7 2004 2.0 I-Vtec Sport. Car has done 130k miles and has a lpg conversion. Use on everyday basis and very happy with it. Great on fuel and has decent performance. My first Honda and I am in love with it, have it for 1 year now.

    Modifications & Optional Extras

    Lowered on A-Spec Showa-Honda suspension and has rear adjustable camber arms (JDM). Also I have upgraded the front brake calipers with the twin pot from the ATR. Fully refurbished them with all seals and pistons changed, painted in red. Changed the discs at that time with Brembo rear and front (300mm front and 260mm rear) with Ferrodo 2500 pads upfront and Brembo at the back. Also running HEL braided lines at all corners. Car has also K&N induction kit. Interior wise haven't done much just got a weighted Skunk2 gear :tut: and re-trimmed steering wheel. Running original Xenon headlights with 10k bulbs and LED day lights. Next steps are getting some light weight alloys and full exhaust system with exhaust manifold as well.

    Service History & Related Threads

    Front lower control arms changed, lower ball joints and upper ball joints. All drop links changed with Hardrace reinforced drop links and bushes on the rear and front anti roll bar changed. Replaced the timing chain at 125k, because its stretched. At that time replaced all valves, valve seals, piston rings, water pump, belt and pulleys, all engine gaskets as well.
  1. The little bo ecu is the best thing I have done to mine so far as completely transformed it performance wise and made full use of the free flowing exhaust and induction kit and I would recommend it to anyone :Thumbup:
  2. First Honda huh ! She'll have turned you into a Honda fan for life now :Smile:

    Some nice mods you have their too. Have you looked at LittleBo's remap ECU for some extra grunt ?
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  3. I will get some more pictures when the weather gets better and got some time to give it a good clean :Grin: .
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