Honda Accord Coupe 1999 2.0 From Poland :)
Daily Driver Owned by Dezerter

  • This is my Accord Coupe 1999 2.0 147 BHP but im going to swap engine with H22 red top from Prelude.

    I know the car is on Polish plates but im driving in England :Grin:

    I hope you like it.

    Some old photos when car was in poland.

    Sorry for my english its not the best you can see and read [​IMG]
  1. wonderfull Accord!
  2. Looks very tidy :Thumbup:
  3. Great looking Accord Coupe, Dezerter. Keep it clean :Wink:
  4. That looks absolutely lovely
  5. I have never seen a coupe until now and this is a beautiful car.
    1. Dezerter Avatar
      When i finish with it, it will be more beautiful then its now :Smile:
      Dezerter, Saturday 20th Sep, 2014
  6. Love these coupes :Smile:
    You going to get the the factory sport lip kit for it too?
    H22 going to be a beast in there. Good luck with the conversion, I've heard its not the easiest but doable
    1. Dezerter Avatar
      Yes i get factory sport kit. i have back lip and side skirts can't fide front lip :Frown:
      Dezerter, Thursday 18th Sep, 2014
  7. That looks awesome! Are those Accord Type - S wheels? (8th Generation)?
  8. She looks stunning Dezerter, a credit to you.
  9. Great looking Accord you've got there.
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