Honda Accord i-DTEC EX
Daily Driver Owned by Rorton

  • 2.2 i-DTEC EX
    Polished Metal Colour
    Daily driver
    My ex company car, so I've had it since new so know all the history.

    Modifications & Optional Extras

    • Honda Thunder 18" Alloy wheels
    • Honda Gear Shift :tut: (match interior trim)
    • Honda Mats
    • Honda boot liner
    • Repainted calipers
    • Road Angel Gem+ GPS Camera Detector
  1. You lucky devil got those thunder sharipish,don't blame you matey. Nice job on the calliper what paint did you use?
    1. Rorton Avatar
      Ohh thanks. Caliper paint was actually silver metal paint from toolstation of all places. I guess there equivalent to hammerite? Worked well though. Been on 6 months
      Rorton, Wednesday 12th Nov, 2014
  2. Ah ha. Are those the Thunders HH had for sale just recently?
    They look good on her.
    1. Rorton Avatar
      Yep, they are the one! Tbh pic doesn't do them justice, look a lot better in the flesh. Pleased with them though. Just need to apply one of these new ceramic Quartz sealants to keep them protected and easier to clean.
      Rorton, Sunday 9th Nov, 2014
    2. Ichiban Avatar
      Ceramic Quartz sealants? uum I like the sound of that please do share your views and product name please.
      Ichiban, Tuesday 11th Nov, 2014
    3. Rorton Avatar
      Will do. I've bought Gyeon rim as the product and a Gyeon prep product which is like a degreaser come wipe you use before application.

      I can't do for a few weeks, but the concept is, get wheels off the car. Wash, then use a fall out remover, then the prep product. Then apply the coating and buff off and let it cure. Apparently, lasts a good 12 months so cleaning should be a spray of pressure washer, and perhaps a quick wizz with shampoo and job done.
      Rorton, Wednesday 12th Nov, 2014
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