Honda Accord Tourer
Daily Driver Owned by m3z0

  • Accord i-Dtec Tourer, 90000km driven
    Lifestyle Business (Finland)
    • Premium audio with Bluetooth HFS
    • HID with hig beam assitance and corner lights
    • Crystal Pearl Black
    • Tinted rear windows

    Modifications & Optional Extras

    • DEFA 230V engine heater and cabin heater
    Led mod interior
    • all lights changed to led (map, door, trunk, etc...)
    Led mod ext.
    • T10 driving lights
    • license plate leds
    • Winter tyres Michelin X-Ice with spikes and 16" aftermarket rims
    • Summer tyres Michelin Pilot with 17" OEM rims
    • Removable towing hook

    Service History & Related Threads

    - Service in Honda dealership
    - code AB2348
    - 111000 km

    - Changed front break discs(Brembo) and breakpads (Remsa)
    - also calipers cleaned properly
    - 110500 km

    - car bought with full service history.
    - Last service made in 87000km
  1. That's a fine looking CW3 @m3z0.
    It will be great to see more of her when the snow has gone.
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