Honda Accord Tourer
Daily Driver Owned by david garrington

  • Modifications & Optional Extras

    bootliner, spare alloy
  1. heres some pics of the accord
  2. Glad you finally found the tourer you were looking for. Look forward to seeing more pictures and hearing more about her.
  3. Look forward to seeing pictures of the actual car after you pick her up tomorrow.
    1. david garrington Avatar
      sorry i have not been back with promised piccys but the car is filthy and i don't want to take any until i can clean her the car has to go back to hh soon for a badge to be applied to the boot.I've been busy though ,first job was order and fit a hatchbag bootliner,keep the dog hair at bay.2nd job was bit of a project fifth alloy obtained from scrappy.
      david garrington, Sunday 11th Jan, 2015
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