Honda Accord
Daily Driver Owned by Oldbaz42

  • Just had my alloys chromed and calipers colour coded.
  1. Always liked this shape and always will hard to find in such very nice condition unless it's the dreaded June model that is "-))nah I still love em
    Shame I can rlto find a nice one might have to be a Civic EX with leather instead :-( but they are not all dad 1.8 is kinda nippy you when encouraged:Smile:
  2. Going to get my alloys chromed next week and having my calipers colour coded. Will post pics when done. Hope chrome is the right option.
  3. Thanks for the great comments guys. She really is the best car I've ever had and even better than a Honda Legend 3.2 coupe I had once upon a time. Need a new battery now though and need some advice as the one on mine is no longer made and not very strong. Any advice welcome :Smile:
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  4. I love seeing looked after Accords and this is one lovely lady in red
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  5. That's a lovely rare colour!
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  6. That is a nice colour, and a lovely Accord.

    I used to have a 1987 Mini Mayfair in a similar hue, it was quite popular back in the day before everybody wanted black, silver and grey cars. Oporto red metallic, from memory...:Smile:
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  7. She looks great for an 03 plate, love the colour and the low mileage.
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  8. That's one fine looking lady. Don't see many in that colour.
    Please tell us something about her.
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    1. Oldbaz42 Avatar
      Hi , thanks for the comment. I'm the 3rd owner. Totally standard apart from the alloys ( chromed ) and calipers which I had colour coded. Full Honda service history from new.
      Oldbaz42, Sunday 12th Apr, 2015