Honda Bushcutter
Brushcutter Owned by hedleyf

  • Here is my Honda strimmer /bushcutter, nice 35cc motor with overhead cam .
  1. Thanks chaps for your comments, run now Two and a half hours and not much string left, I was thinking maybe the spools are not fully loaded from factory as when you buy a new printer for the pc must say though been through some rough stuff ,really should have changed to the cutting disc but being lazy, brambles certainly gave the string some wear ,bought a spare replacement real of string,not cheap at 23 quid.
    As for the price there was no difference between the backpack and the normal one, it's just easier for me to use.
    Nice just to put petrol in ,saves mixing and measuring oil,going to give it a oil change before its next use as it has a small sump capacity.
    I think if one is using it for say more than a hour then this version is fine ,but for normal general use then the upright version would be better it would also be easier to store ,I would also think that for normal use a 25cc engine would be fine as they certainly pack a punch
    Noise wise I don't think that there is much in it as most of the noise is made at the head,the sound though is not so irritating as a two stroke.
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  2. Great piece of kit there Dave. It would be great if you could give us a quick review on it.
  3. Nice one the backpack cutter, an expensive option :Wink:

    Let me know how long does your string last as mine hasn't not lasted a lot 3 hours of use and and I down to one feet of string.
  4. I'm looking to get one myself in the near future. Hope she's treating you well man.
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