honda cb750f1
Weekend Toy Owned by motorbikelover

  • Never let a bit of dirt and rust put you off you may be surprised what lies inside.
  1. Fantastic restoration :Thumbup:
  2. Wow, does that bring back some great memories. I was actually around and riding when that first came out. That is one beautiful bike you have there. You did an expert job at the restore. Congrats and enjoy.
    I hope to have my '82 Interstate added here soon ... you'll have to drop by and give her a look when its up.
  3. I'm not a motorbike person by any stretch, but I'm digging the restoration job. Like you said, it's good to encourage these kinds of projects whatever the subject is. At the end, you have something to be properly proud of, much like you've got yourself here. Well done, man. It looks absolutely awesome!
  4. Amazing looking bike and superb restoration, bet she is a peach to ride on.
  5. That's a lovely job, real nice looking classic:Thumbup:
    1. GSD2013 Avatar
      GSD2013, Saturday 2nd Apr, 2016
  6. thanks to every one who has commented on this bike. I try were i can to encourage people to have a go weather it be bike/ car / or whatever as you can see this was a bit rough but not ready to die yet and the guy who bought it did a 3 week tour of Scotland on it soon after purchase and yes it made it . I will do the story soon as asked.
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  7. That's an amazing transformation :clap:
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