Honda Civic 2.0 Type-S
Daily Driver Owned by nsxer

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    Modifications & Optional Extras

    Aftermarket head unit and speakers
    Sound deadening
    EP3 Type-R exhaust
    EP3 Type-R rims
  1. What sound deadening product did you use mate.,
    1. nsxer Avatar
      Hi mate there was a 5m roll on eBay that my installer told me about. It's about 1/2 price of dynomat and does the same thing. It was like 22 quid or something. Pretty weighty stuff. If you need more info I can post link
      nsxer, Friday 13th Feb, 2015
  2. Great to see her in the Club Garage.
    Please add a few more photographs to the info page when you can.
    1. nsxer Avatar
      Will get a few pics up when the weather is good again, have her repolished and a couple of more mods done
      nsxer, Friday 13th Feb, 2015
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