Honda Civic Coupe...Semi Matte MoonRock Grey
Daily Driver Owned by Filipa

  • I know that girls like shopping and clothes, nails and spa's ... but, me, I just wanna spend my time giving the soul back in to this beauty.
    I have been a few years without Honda, so, now I´m excited to give a new life to this one!!

    2 years and half ago, a friend have a little touch on rear, and the car stay stopped, at home, waiting for attention, the days going faster, the months to, and time to Civic was none, I understand, because the life sometimes don´t give us to much time.

    I came to Uk, 4 months ago, we make or deal and I stay with Civic for me...the dream come true, I have a Honda again, after my Prelude!!! :Grin:

    So, I spend 1 month looking for a rear bumper, and I found one, broken, I repair and for now is done, I buy a new battery, Ngk Plugs and a roof window (the glass with the rubber in a excellent state!! :Grin:

    Now I have to work in rust, you can see on the photos.

    The interior, I take off all seats a give a good clean!! :Grin: Now smells better than before!!

    For now thats it!

    When I have more time a put here the news.problems and solutions!

    It´s gonna be a long way!!
  1. I like this kind of projects, where you pick a "dead" car and bring it back to life.
    Also love purple details, so yea, liking this Civic ^^ I'd like to dress my car up with purple stuff, but there's more important stuff to do first :Frown:
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    1. Filipa Avatar
      Thank you!!
      Yes, I'm glad to be doing this, now I will stop her for a few weeks and start doing some body work, welding some new metal in places were rust is..
      Will be a long way, the finish will be in Grey with semi matte look...we will see how she will be dressed in grey (MoonRock Grey from S2000) and bits in purple, my favourite colour!!

      I will check your car is well!!

      Thank you once again for your comment!
      Filipa, Monday 26th Oct, 2015
  2. Preparing now for VIC (Vehicle Inspection Confirmation) at VOSA :Smile:

    Slowly but I will put it on the road!! :Grin:

    The rust continues, I don´t have to much tools yet to do a great work so I´m just payng some attention to that details I can Start and Leave in good condition to drive :Smile:
  3. She has great potential. I think the gold 'H' is good with the green paintwork.
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  4. Be great to see her getting taken back to her former glory, sounds like a rewarding project.
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    1. Filipa Avatar
      Thank you for reply

      It is something very special for me!
      I hope to have health and some money from time to time not to stop the project.
      Part of the project will almost certainly be done slowly because, begin to drive soon to be able to observe what needs it will have more after so long stopped :Smile:
      Filipa, Thursday 7th Aug, 2014
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