Honda Civic EG 1993
Daily Driver Owned by hedleyf

  • Here is my daily hack, a 94, although I think a 93 build E.G its a 1.5 LSI that I owned since around 2002. been left in a field for 5 years after it developed a misfire and was in to minds weather to keep it or not, used a Corsa untill it dropped and then looked about for something else, nothing to take my fancy and not impressed with later cars I decided to recommission her. Glad I did as I had forgotten how well they drive and now getting few and far between.

    Modifications & Optional Extras

    None, Standard 1.5 LSI .

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  1. nice looking eg,original looking which you don't see much these days,was looking for a complete original one in ireland but didnt find it,enjoy it:Smile:
  2. You are right about cars just "disappearing" from the roads. I always liked the styling of these, a bit different from the usual suspects.

    Glad you brought her back from the brink!
  3. It's on a Jersey plate, just back from a week in London and did not see any EGs. Cars are strange they seem to be two a penny then all of a sudden you don't see them anymore.
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  4. I had a 1993 Civic esi bought it 3 years old got wrote off about 2 years ago , been trying to replace it without much luck they really are superb, is this a Jerse y plate ?
  5. Tough cars EGs. Glad you brought her back into action.
  6. EG rukes :Devil: they make good drag cars:Grin::Wink:
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