Honda Civic EP2 1.6 V-Tec
Daily Driver Owned by Charlton22

  • My EP2 which I am trying to subtly modify with EP3 parts

    MG ZR wheels just added

    Modifications & Optional Extras

    EP3 Front Bumper
    EP3 Rear Bumper
    EP3 Side Skirts
    EP3 Bootlid (Including spoiler)
    Black emblem badges
    MG ZR Wheels
  1. Those wheels actually suit the car very well! A nice upgrade!
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    1. Charlton22 Avatar
      Thank you, just so happens they were the perfect fit. Being a fool I bought Type-R wheels thinking they would fit. So I transferred the tyres from those to these. Once I have the centre caps sorted will look smoother I think.
      Charlton22, Tuesday 19th Jul, 2016
    2. Charlton22 Avatar
      Rear window tints on the cards soon I think :Smile:
      Charlton22, Tuesday 19th Jul, 2016
  2. Just added some MG ZR wheels, now need to alter the centre caps to be Honda :Smile:
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  3. Nice work! Smart looking car. I like the mods you have done. Great work!