Honda Civic Shuttle 1.4 GL
Previously Owned Owned by numpty67

  • Great little car with loads of history. Sold it on to my sister who in turn sold it to a friend who then scrapped it only for it to be rescued by a Honda fan.

    Modifications & Optional Extras

    When I owned it I added a couple of updates to the car

    Colour coded bumpers and rear number plate surround
    2nd Generation Prelude alloy wheels
    JDM decal on doors
    Clear indicator lenses front and side
  1. Ahead of its time IMHO. Wasn't there also a 4WD version?
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    1. numpty67 Avatar
      Great cars, very practical and not too big. Yes there was a 4WD version available, this model actually lived on in Japan until 1995/96 as the Beagle, I had one for a while, it's in my garage entry..
      numpty67, Sunday 24th Apr, 2016
  2. Boxy but damn good.
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