Honda Civic
Daily Driver Owned by Panda

  • Hondamatic 5dr
    35000 miles
  1. hope you can make jae
  2. just excellent!
  3. Simply brilliant :Smile:
  4. What a cracker, absolutely beautiful.:Thumbup:
    Mike c
  5. A T reg that is between 1 August 1978 – 31 July 1979 @accordheritage isnt your Civic earlier than this mate ? A T reg is not tax exempt so black number plates? or are the show plates.... confused?
    1. Panda Avatar
      T plate not tax exempt but thought I'd get get away with it
      Panda, Friday 16th May, 2014
  6. Wow. Is that an original Honda colour?

    Very 1970s...Groooooovy :Photographer:
    1. Panda Avatar
      Original Honda colour pal
      Panda, Friday 16th May, 2014
  7. That is amazing you need to show that car fella, bring it along to this weekends event!
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  8. Now that is one very well cherished Civic. :Hooray:

    My only suggestion would be to get rid of the AA sticker.
    She's a Honda. She doesn't need the AA :Wink:
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    1. Panda Avatar
      Lol yes good point I took the original AA badge off the front grille
      Panda, Friday 16th May, 2014
  9. Is this what you are bring to the show next weekend?
    1. Panda Avatar
      This is the car ill bring to the show just needs a good polish and wax
      Panda, Friday 16th May, 2014
    2. MickyB Avatar
      Great I can't wait
      MickyB, Saturday 17th May, 2014