Honda CR-X Del Sol
Weekend Toy Owned by gzob

  • Currently restoring it and going the turbocharged route.

    It is the soch vtec model with 127hp (d16y8), fully featured 1996 model (transtop, ABS, AC, SRS, leather seats). Mint condition, low mileage.
  1. Progressing slowly, but progressing nevertheless!

  2. 4x100 282mm discs, DC2 calipers, EBC bluestuff pads

    Rear DC2 suspension: Shock, spring and lower control arm. Direct fit on the Del Sol (except for the ABS sensor cables, I have to use another way to secure them on the LCA)
  3. The bash is no problem. It needed a paint job anyway after all these years and due to the bash I got it very cheap. I will most some more pics tomorrow.
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  4. You know what I'm going to say @gzob ! :Need Pics: :Grin:
  5. I am looking forward to watching the progress you make with your Del Sol. :Niceone:
    Shame she's had a bash.:Frown:
  6. Bought this Del Sol a couple of weeks ago. It has this small damage and I am currently repairing it with a whole new paint job to refresh the red paint. It is a '96 model, full spec: transtop roof (working!), ABS, SRS, leather interior (mint condition). I am also starting some modifications including:

    Front OEM lip
    DC2 front calipers with 282mm brake discs (will soon upgrade the rears as well) (DONE)
    DC2 OEM suspension (with rear lower control arms to complete the modification) (DONE)
    Front DC2 strut bar
    Rebuilt D16y8 engine with forged pistons and rods (in progress)
    Small to medium size turbocharger - goal of about 300HP for a good, reliable weekend toy car (in progress)