Honda CR-X ESi Convertible
Daily Driver Owned by korky

  • Bought this car saturday, and its definitely a goodun, much preffered my Accord 2.4 exec, however it was uncomfortable for me to drive , long legs and bad knee, the driver leg room on the CR-X is amazing the pictures were taken on arriving home from buying it, a proper clean up and Tcut will do wonders .
  1. Thanks for the comments , the CR-X is still running good, and I have done more miles in it than anything else just because of the comfortable leg room, its no where near as nice as an Accord and strangely the fuel economy is very similar to my 2.4 , winter running returns about 32 mpg and it is quite slow, my Esi Civic was considerably faster , the CR-X is heavier , really interesting that the Prelude has long leg room, that will need looking into as I havent been in one , and have always liked them, got to be more luxurious than the CR-X .
    korky .
  2. Looks good. You are probably the only person who ever bought a CR-X for the legroom!
  3. Hi Korky looking good your CR-X enjoy the cleaning up its all good fun keep the photos coming keep us up dated I am doing the same with my Prelude one day at a time yes I agree with the driver legroom I have more leg room in my car than my brothers GT86 he was not happy for a £20,000 car honda were so forward in the nineties with their thinking.
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  4. Still running fantastic , first fuel fill up returned 38 .2 mpg and that was done mainly with the roof down which must increase drag, when I bought it the guy told me it didnt like to be re started within a short period of time, I have experienced this issue , starts perfect from cold , ran it to the local shop quater of a mile away left it for five mins , on starting its as though its flooded , I know its injection but thats the best description I can give after turning it over about six times it fired , maybe this is why its got a new Bosch battery , any ideas how to cure this issue , or should I just walk to the local shop ?
    Iwould have preffered a proper Honda battery which I don't think are any more expensive but as it was fitted by the previous owner I carnt complain
    S4023 Bosch 4 year warranty £60.00.