HONDA CR-Z 2011 Hybrid Sport
Daily Driver Owned by abaker123

  • Honda CR-Z 2011 Hybrid Sport

    Only my second car but what a car to own.

    I don't think that the dealer that I bought the vehicle off understood what they had so I got a pretty good deal.

    Full Honda Service History and Guarantee. Corrosion Guarantee. Everything.

    On top of that its only done around 36000 miles so I'd say that was pretty good!

    I think that the owner who ordered the car new didn't want a sat nav or glass roof panel. As this vehicle has every other extra but those. So it would suggest to that he ordered the standard sport model then upgraded it to everything but those two things, as this is essentially the GT model without those to things.

    Love the performance, as it isn't particularly quick but is fun getting there. Handling is great through the corners and just generally a fun drive.

    Use it for daily commute and driving and all though the ride can be slightly stiff at times I don't have any problems!

    Modifications & Optional Extras

    Full Black Leather Interior.
    Chrome Interior Finish.
    Upgraded Subwoofer in rear.
    Leather Steering Wheel.
    Leather Gear :tut:.
    Upgraded Chrome Sport Pedals.
    CR-Z Sport Footwell matt's.

    Electra Wheels.
    Front & Rear Factory Fitted Carbon Fibre Style Sills.
    Tailgate Wind Splitter (Tiny spoiler)
    Chrome Exhaust.

    Service History & Related Threads

    Full Honda Service History and Guarantee.
    Serviced on yearly basis rather than miles as it hasn't done anywhere near the amount of miles that it should of done by this point.
  1. Cheers guys!

    Yeah absolute beauty of a car!

    I love the hybrid intergration as it gives you a nice mix of both. You get the more fuel effieicinet side and also the nice immediate power when you want it from the batteries. I prefer it as a turbo can get turbo lag, whereas this doesn't.

    When I was looking in to getting one I thought that it would be more sluggish and it would feel like you are constantly dragging around some heavy heavy batteries but to my surprise it doesn't! Nice and light and nimble!
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  2. Stunning car! Looks very well kept and I am sure with that slick shifting 6 speed a lot of fun even if it is a hybrid.
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  3. Looks very well in black, tasty extras list too. Congratulations!
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  4. Very nice. The CR-Z is another model Honda should have persisted with IMHO.

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    2. FirstHonda Avatar
      Bring able to have the CVT gearbox in the UK as in other markets would have helped widen its appeal too. Ho hum, another missed opportunity. Top Gear made it their 'coolest car of the year' when it was launched...
      FirstHonda, Tuesday 6th Sep, 2016
    3. exec Avatar
      The CR-Z IMO was too ahead of its time, if they released it now and offered those small turbo engines they make now it would have sold more.
      exec, Wednesday 7th Sep, 2016
    4. exec Avatar
      Having a look at Autotrader, these are cheap arent't they? 3-5k for 6 year old car, bargain?
      exec, Wednesday 7th Sep, 2016