Honda Crosstourer
Owned by nsxer

  • This is my 2013 Crosstourer.
    Basically the same engine from the VFR1200 but detuned and modified for low and mid range torque. It pulls like a train
    Manual gearbox (DCT box is excellent but I don't want an 'automatic' motorbike!)
    Big and heavy bike but really does shift
    wanted to keep my bikes and cars separate; was a big fan of Triumph motorcycles but was let down by local dealer after years of custom. :Frown:
    previous bike was Triumph Tiger 1050 and it was a fab bike, so the CT had big shoes to fill.
    It has took a few k to gel with the bike and for the engine to bed in from new ... now starting to really enjoy it now.

    Here are the mods i have done since buying it. A lot of the kit was installed prior to purchase/collection

    Givi Top box holder
    Leo Vince exhaust
    Givi bars and aux light set (now replaced with genuine honda highlander kit)
    Givi touring screen
    Bagster tank cover
    Honda Centre stand
    rear hugger
    front fenda extender
    Honda heated grips
    Tourtech hand guards (not shown)
    Custom electrical socket install
    Garmin fitted sat nav
  1. Yes the manual option is there but the bike is still making a selection for you.
    I have zero issues with the system could not fault it, but I prefer the interaction and freedom of riding the bike myself and in ways the DCT removes this.
    Just my own opinion ... Perhaps I will consider down the line when I'm older! :Smile:
  2. I like it a lot, reminds me my old Africa Twin 750 XRV. I would love to see some more pictures.
  3. It's heavy but once on the move its grand.
    I did ride the DCT ... You can't fault the system it works well but as I said I prefer the freedom and that means doing your own thing including gear changes. Call me old fashioned but that's the enjoyment of riding and indeed driving for me. Yes there is manual mode tried all the settings but the system is always ready to make change for you ... It has a market, it is a great system but for me not at this time. It will appeal to the 'older' rider IMHO. :SOS: As you say it's very much personal choice and this topic causes lots of debate. There are definitely merits in both
  4. Love the bike but its a heavy beast but when it gets going its easy to ride like all Honda's.
    I would have gone for the DCT personally you can still use it in manual mode still, but each to their own.
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