Honda Elysion
Daily Driver Owned by Jbob

  1. Lovely bus!
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  2. I had nissan elgrand e51. To get one with cruise control is pretty no chance. Nissan made only few models and mine was with radar guiged cruise.
    Now i own 2006 Elysion with cruise and if you have v6 model all of them cruise is as standard. Some models has radar guided cruise.
    Import to UK it is easy and you can save money over dealer. I did import my self mine elysion.
  3. Would love to have one like this for my family.
    Jbob, would you comment on prices for this car?
    In Japan I can find them starting under 2000 eur, but in UK they start as close to 6000 pounds.
    I would be interested to import one in Finland, but if the price after taxes and registration is close to 10k eur, that is too much.
  4. Your regular Elysion is really nice too! Only thing that puts me off them is the lack of cruise control in most models and that the Prestige gets 4WD and 3.5 V6 of the Legend. Plus looks extra awesome!
  5. I've never seen these before, that is one cool motor, very different and unique!
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  6. Is this a 4x4 like CR-V or not i see the button for at/snow? Plus as auto what cc is engine ? And fuel? Plus what spec /trim level is yours? Thanx for sharing
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      @GSD2013 mine is a 2wd and the switch you're referring to I think just retards the engine for better traction a bit like Volvos.
      Jbob, Saturday 3rd Oct, 2015
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      They only come with petrol engines. Mine is a VX which is one down from the top spec VZ model. VZ has radar cruise and crash mitigation system and lane departure warning. Both models only available in 3.0ltr engine and 3.5ltr
      Jbob, Saturday 3rd Oct, 2015
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      I have a VZ model in blue too, however am likely to sell on as I prefer this white one as its only done 39k miles.
      Jbob, Saturday 3rd Oct, 2015
  7. Very nice indeed
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      Jbob, Thursday 1st Oct, 2015
  8. How did you acquire this, was through a specialist or your own research? I'm interested in getting one @Jbob
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    2. GSD2013 Avatar
      I have a dog, is there an option to fold away the third row of seats?
      GSD2013, Thursday 1st Oct, 2015
    3. Jbob Avatar
      Hi, yes the squab folds up automatically from a lever on the back and if you lift the lever next to that the seat will slide and lock into place in varying positions to right up behind the middle row, which does exactly the same also. The seats also fold and make a bed!
      Jbob, Thursday 1st Oct, 2015
    4. GSD2013 Avatar
      Thanks man for the extra pic on seat movement
      GSD2013, Friday 2nd Oct, 2015
  9. I simply love this vehicle. Agree with you completely @SpeedyGee. Why not available in the UK?
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  10. It's a thing of beauty, elegantly engineered, why oh why did they not sell this model in the UK ?
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