Honda Goldwing
Weekend Toy Owned by SEPTIKANGEL

  • Bought new in 2007 and best bike ever owned.
    Toured France, Pyrenees and Spain, besides regular trips in UK 'specially to Scotland, Wales, Lakes, Derbyshire, Yorkshir...............etc etc
    39000 miles, perfect quality, extremely reliable, easy to service, but now so VERY VERY EXTREMELY expensive.
    Considered renewing for a new 2014 model but at £25k???
    Bought a new CR-V Black edition instead for not much more, so Honda still got my hard earned.
    Maybe next year, but meantime winter's coming so spanner twirling time.
  1. Used to ride a ZX6R and then a GSXR600 (the guys on the CBRs got slagged off for being pipe and slippers lol) but always wondering what these type of bikes would be like. Always thought they'd be more restrictive in traffic?

    So what's making her so expensive now?
    1. SEPTIKANGEL Avatar
      Greedy Honda UK in my opinion is the only reason making them so expensive. Yen's been poor against the pound and even so HUK have just put them up another £500 FFS!!! That and a useless inbuilt sat nav. along with an airbag (don't wanna say useless just in case!)
      Filtering through slow/stationary cages on M'way's is no problem, though city centres can be a little more difficult 'cos of narrower lanes. But ride it like a problems.
      SEPTIKANGEL, Wednesday 8th Oct, 2014
    2. SEPTIKANGEL Avatar
      Been considering BMW / Harley as a change for the future as they've vastly upped spec and tech on their latest offerings compared to the Goldwing, besides being a few grand less.
      But then again, I ride too far, too fast and too often to have one of them, so sticking with the Goldwing! :Smile:
      SEPTIKANGEL, Wednesday 8th Oct, 2014
  2. Always had a soft spot for the Goldwing. Smooth and majestic.
  3. Love it so this Goldwing was made in the US I take as the new ones are from Japan?
    1. SEPTIKANGEL Avatar
      Aye, that's right CJ and although it was made in 2006, I only replaced the Yuasa original battery this last March!!! And the rest of the bike is that good too!
      SEPTIKANGEL, Thursday 2nd Oct, 2014
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