Honda Hornet 250
Previously Owned Owned by speeding_ant

  • Probably the most fun out of a motorbike you can get. 250cc, inline 4 gear driven engine screamed to 16,000rpm. Carbs, with uprated needles and modified air box to suit larger exhaust. 45hp at the crank. Large 180 section rear tyre meant decent tyre choice, and much traction. Modified front suspension damper, and Hornet 600 rear shock. Brembo front master cylinder and braided lines. Easily surpassed the big boys in the corners. I miss this bike, but it will get replaced eventually :Smile:

    The new owner had better be happy.
  1. Really good choice of mods mate, I take that was a JDM bike?
    1. speeding_ant Avatar
      Cheers! Yes JDM, 2006 model. The best mods are the ones that improve on a bikes handling and performance :Smile: If they make it better looking / sounding, then all the better!
      speeding_ant, Saturday 10th Jan, 2015
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