Honda Izy HRG415 C2 SD
Lawnmower Owned by Ichiban

  • Here is my 2002 HRG415 C2 SD self drive. In my ownership it only has one major service from the dealer that was for cables and controls. The cables would have lasted a life time if I had not folded the mower whilst storing it. It has an oil change every time I fill up the fuel tank . Its been run on optimax and vpower or BP Ultimate all it life and has been on 0w-30 oil . The only mod I have done to it is a iridium spark plug to minimise plug fouling at High RPMs. The plug I use is NGK BPR6EIX. It has had one blade change in it life and I sharpen the blade every year and lubricate the cables every time I use it . It the best mower I have every owned and every house hold should have a Honda mower they are the best . Ask any premiership football team their groundsmen will be seen mowing the turf with a Honda mower .

    The lawn mower has covered over 2000 hours and everything on the engine is still original. The deck has been rust proofed to curb corrosion.

    The lower deck has a primer undercoat topped off with two coats of stain black 2 pack epoxy paint for corrosion protection.
  1. Nice to see that engine runs still fine even after 2000 hours of operation. Honda 4 ever !!!
    1. Ichiban Avatar
      it smokes on start up thou then subsides. It could do with rings but it will do unless it smokes like crazy.
      Ichiban, Wednesday 8th Jun, 2016
  2. Love this :Smile: Its not just about the cars! I swear by Honda mowers too.
  3. Just goes to show that when they are not abused or neglected, an Izy will just keep going. :Niceone:
    More photographs please CJ.
    1. Ichiban Avatar
      I have been washing it today so pictures tomorrow. :Smile: the grass bag needs some major TLC.
      Ichiban, Saturday 30th May, 2015