Honda k24
Daily Driver Owned by sfai

  • Own this car for the last three year now the car have transform into something i am really proud to drive

    Modifications & Optional Extras

    17" Civic Type-R alloy wheels 2 in matt black. 2 in silver flip paint.
    Type-R steering wheel, Skunk 2 heavy shifter :tut:, custom Alloy steering clamp,
    Euro R cl1 recaro seats with bride low max rails,
    Buddyclub Nspec + coil overs, Ingalls rear control arms, Hard racer upper control arm, Hard racer front control arm brush and complacence bush
    Red crinkle top cam cover.
    Weapon- R manifold with mugen Titanium exhaust,
    First Xo power ecu remap in Newcastle, then tried littlebo ecu remap, done by ukcl9 which i must say it a lot better.
    Comptech short shifter. DC5 flywheel with FD2 LSD. Competition clutch stage 2 for k20 from hond R
    buddy club condenser.
    CH1 front twin pot caliper upgrade.
  1. Whats it like with the dc5 flywheel and lsd ?
    1. sfai Avatar
      speed pick up faster but rev drop quicker it u slow clutch. the lsd and made the car go around bend like glue 3rd gear vtec to limit and it sticks
      sfai, Saturday 31st Jan, 2015
    2. sfai Avatar
      i would done the ep3 gear ratios at the same time if i could find a decent one but in fairness this setup is good for me atmo.
      sfai, Saturday 31st Jan, 2015
  2. i want vtc'45 tsx 06+ camshaft and flashpro. i would mean a carbon fiber bonnet. i might also try the k20 gear ratios
  3. The mugen does sound nice but i have had trouble with baffles been blown out and making a rattle noise, i already had Liquid Metel fix this problem once and it seen one it rattle again .P

    The short :thumbdown: was just a Comptech short shifter 2003-2007 accord

    its a facelift. tbh the mugen exhaust has be a nightmare to own, had to replace the baffle it them last year and now one is rattling again :Tongue:
  4. Can you post some photos of the exhaust system please ?
  5. Nice mod list ! Looking good and I bet she shifts pretty nicely too :Thumbup:
  6. Strong spec list there man. First Mugen exhaust I've seen in a while, is it the Facelift or Pre-Facelift type? You'll have to explain the 'short :thumbdown:' though :Laughing:

    What're your plans for the girl?