Honda Legend
Daily Driver Owned by Maintenanceman

  • Second owner of this awesome car.
    Originally imported to Finland by the dealer, that`s rare because of our car tax system the price of the car was 84000€ at year 2007

    Modifications & Optional Extras

    H&R springs, now the car sits how it should sit. Cornering is also way better.

    Service History & Related Threads

    BMW`s rims on summer tires.
  1. Hi, I like your wheels What is brand, and reference please
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  2. Can I see a young Honda nipper on a push bike in the distance.. Bet he\she will have the Honda bug with them. :Yahoo:
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  3. Absolutely love the rims, really suit her!
  4. Another legend owner :Happy:

    She looks lovely, tell us more about her. Did you do the suspension yourself? What are your plans for her now?
    1. Maintenanceman Avatar
      I did that spring job by my self, those rims, maybe i am going to re furbish them because that clear coat quality is s*it. Starts to peel off and aluminium is oxidizing under it.
      Tried to sell it also at one point, no luck. Luckily that temporary madness went away. No big plans now, maybe usb interface at some point.
      Maintenanceman, Sunday 28th Dec, 2014
  5. Very cool car, my next car to add to the journey
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