Honda Logo SE
Daily Driver Owned by numpty67

  • Been looking for a low mileage automatic Logo for a while now, finally found this wee beauty! It's a 2000 model in Satin Silver (NH623M) with only 31k, FSH and a few accessories thrown in for good measure. Delighted with the car, have already made a couple of subtle mods with more to come in the future.

    Honda Accessories
    14" 5 spoke Speedline alloy wheels
    Centre Armrest
    JDM Centre Console
    Rear Headrests
    Pioneer CD Tuner
    Pioneer 6 Disc CD Changer
    "Logo" Side Decal
    Front Lower Skirt
    Rear Lower Skirt
    Side Skirts
    Rear Spoiler

    Clear Side Repeaters
    Clear front indicator bulbs
    Bosch Pure Light Headlamp Bulbs
    2nd Rear Fog Light Added
    Rear Fog Light Surrounds Colour Coded
    Chrome Tail Pipe
  1. Awesome buddy! Looks great! Now we need to organise a meet for a photo opportunity :Smile:

    Oh and been meaning to add a tail pipe trim so need to get that done. :Thumbup:
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    2. numpty67 Avatar
      I must admit I do prefer the more somber interior of the later models. It is still pretty remarkable that a car which was only on sale for 15 months in the UK can have 2 very different interiors. Must have been at the same time they were updated in Japan.

      No, I got it down Newcastle way, great drive back up, was really impressed. Still am. :Smile:
      numpty67, Wednesday 1st Jun, 2016
    3. Sprockutt Avatar
      Sounds like the Logo Fan Club now has TWO members! :Smile:

      Let me get mine spruced up and we'll get something organised.
      Sprockutt, Wednesday 1st Jun, 2016
    4. numpty67 Avatar
      Sounds Good!! :Smile:)
      numpty67, Thursday 2nd Jun, 2016
  2. wow looks mint!! and those mini ATR wheels suit it really well.. . now I want one too
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    1. numpty67 Avatar
      Cheers! They were one of the options available at the time, still only 14" but set the car of a treat. Oh and it's not perfect, paint/bodywork needs updating, the interior however is like new.
      numpty67, Wednesday 25th May, 2016
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