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  • just picked this up last night.
    2000 1.3 logo automatic .. only 41000 miles.

    have a few plans but will update soon.

    to do:

    fully sound deaden
    new wheels and tyres
    full major service
    lowering springs
    paint grey
    remove back seats for audio
    black roof
    wind deflectors
  1. Another logo!! Love this small car :Grin:
  2. Just noticed you were from Rowlands Gill. Was down your way a couple of times this year as I had my MX5's engine rebuilt by Dan at AK Automotive.
    1. chris2982 Avatar
      2 mins away from me,, next time have to pop up for a cuppa.
      chris2982, Wednesday 21st Sep, 2016
  3. Chris, I'm passing my Logo onto a family member and putting the original wheels back on. I'll be selling my 14 x 6.5 Enkei J-Speeds if you are interested? They have a good full set of Hankook Kinergy eco tyres that I fitted about 7k miles ago. Still loads of life left in them. Check out my pics if you are interested...
    1. chris2982 Avatar
      Thanks mate but already sorted for wheels,, got some 16" rota gt3 for summer, and some 14" old Civic ones for my winters.

      Ps. They look awesome !
      chris2982, Wednesday 21st Sep, 2016
    2. chris2982 Avatar
      Although depending on price I could have them as a second set,, or use them for the winter and sell my old Civic ones ???
      chris2982, Wednesday 21st Sep, 2016
  4. Can't wait to see the mods you do on this :Wink:
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  5. Nice one! Had mine for the best part of two years now and has been a brilliant little commuter:Thumbup:
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