Honda Prelude SN 1982
Weekend Toy Owned by numpty67

  • Hi, this is my '82 Prelude Executive. Bought by me in March 2010. The Executive came with full Connolly leather and power steering not available on the standard model, and as far as I know the Executives were all Canyon Gold with two tone tan leather, only guessing this as I have never seen them with any other colour combination. Also think this was a UK specific model as it is not mentioned in any of the European brochures of the time.

    Bought the car in Bournemouth where it had been sitting in a barn for 8 years, then on a trailer for a couple of years, it belonged to the sellers Dad who had passed away.
    Came with a years MOT, all old MOTs and original service book and manual.

    Flew down to Bournemouth to buy it unseen and drive it the 400 miles back home to Glasgow, the gentlemen selling the car was very honest in it's condition and it's abilities and was very doubtful if we would get home. He had got it MOT'd and serviced prior to selling it and apart from the brakes needing done it was good to go .
    Got home no problem, got it into my mechanic who give it the once over and couldn't believe how good it was, especially underneath, have since had it waxoyled.

    I have to admit, it is one of the favourite cars I've owned, finally found what I had been looking for. It had 56k on the clock when I got it, now with 72k, been using it as a daily driver in the Summer months and it has been fantastic, totally reliable, comfortable and relaxing, has totally changed my driving style.

    Modifications & Optional Extras

    New Lowered King Springs Fitted - 4 coils; 2 front + 2 rear 30-35mm.
    New Rota Beat Alloy Wheels - Black/Polished Lip, 15"x 7", ET40, 4X100.
    New Nankang Tyres - NS-2, 195/50/15.
    New Custom Stainless Steel Exhaust.
    Full Respray In Original Canyon Gold YR50M
  1. WOW!, what a beauty!
    perfect look,..... please add a picture of the engine block
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  2. What a beautiful example of an '82. It's about as nice as I've seen in many years. I would love to see a photo of the engine compartment ... drop me a quick line if you ever add one. Anyway, congrats on a wonderful car.
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    1. numpty67 Avatar
      Hello, thanks for the comments, will try and remember to take a picture of the engine, it's not a place I visit very often, tend to leave it to the people who know what they are doing. I know there has been no cosmetic work done there so it isn't gonna be pretty!
      numpty67, Wednesday 9th Mar, 2016
  3. Stylish! Suits the colour well and that 80s interior brings back memories and nostalgia. Belongs in a movie or at a few shows. Who wouldn't want to drive one?
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      Thanks for the comments, have shown it a few times over the years.
      numpty67, Wednesday 9th Mar, 2016
  4. I used to have the manual version of this car - it's reg was ALE165Y.
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    1. numpty67 Avatar
      Nice, when was that, recently or a while ago?
      numpty67, Friday 1st Jan, 2016
    2. NZNick Avatar
      Quite a while ago - 1990 - 93 iirc
      NZNick, Friday 26th Feb, 2016
  5. Fantastic looking car, do not normally like the modified look on older classics but must say it's been done with style and looks the part.
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    1. numpty67 Avatar
      Thanks, the mods are very subtle as I wasn't sure myself how it would look. However I'm very happy with the end result.
      numpty67, Sunday 22nd Feb, 2015
  6. I have got to say the car looks stunning, usually hate gold cars but this car suits it so well :Thumbup:
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    1. numpty67 Avatar
      Cheers! Not a big fan of the colour myself but have kept it original because the Executives were only ever available in Canyon Gold and tan leather.
      numpty67, Sunday 22nd Feb, 2015
  7. nice Prelude! :Wink:
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      Hi Bjorn, thanks for the comment.
      numpty67, Tuesday 30th Dec, 2014
  8. Absolutely love her new look after the respray and with the new rims.
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    1. numpty67 Avatar
      Thanks, really pleased with the end result, just a pity about the crack in the windscreen, it gets worse every time I drive the car and the replacement won't be ready until the end of January. Decided just to park her up for the Winter, keep her away from all that nasty salt!
      numpty67, Wednesday 12th Nov, 2014
  9. Respray looks fantastic and the car is sitting very well on its new wheels and a wee bit lower. What kind of wheels are they?:Thumbup:
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      Cheers! They are Rota Beat 15x7" copies of the original Mugen CF-48s. It was lowered by 35mm, but could have done with another wee bit.
      numpty67, Friday 24th Oct, 2014
  10. Lovely looking car and I'm pretty sure I seen it at the Strathaven Classic Car Club a couple of years ago. I see your using RM Bodywork in EK. I was going to use either Robert or Immy down at IA Bodyshop in Dalmarnock for the Logo.

    Incidentally have you ever used Automek who are next door to RM? Andrew at Automek has done lots of work on my 1st Generation MX5 and has a brilliant reputation on the japanese car scene up here.


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    1. numpty67 Avatar
      Hi David, It is actually in Automek as we speak, it is getting lowered, was meant to get the car back today but it took a little longer than expected.

      That would have been me at Strathaven, showed it there a couple of times, in fact the bottom 4 pictures are from that event.
      numpty67, Tuesday 21st Oct, 2014
    2. Superman001 Avatar
      Small world. I always use Automek for all my cars, wouldn't trust anyone else to work on them.
      Superman001, Saturday 21st Feb, 2015
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