Honda S-MX 4WD
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  • I bought this to replace the HR-V, a bit of a risk but hopefully one worth taking. It's a 1997 JDM S-MX 4WD in Tahitian Green. Running okay, going in next week to my mechanic so he can give it the once over, check it out. we'll see, fingers crossed it's not too bad. Body wise, pretty good, needs a bit of tidying and the alloys need a refurb.
    Basically a cross of a 1st Generation CR-V and the Stepwgn, it has the B series 2.0L engine, they were all automatics. If you want to know a bit more about them I have created a website, basically just to collate all the info in one place.
    Honda S-MX
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      Cheers, had seen the ad myself, they are the original alloys from the S-MX Lowdown model. I'm waiting to see how mine fairs with it's MOT in June to see if it is a keeper or not, a few things wrong with it and I'm not sure if I want to spend the money on it or look for something else. IF I decide to keep the car then maybe I will look for some wheels then, but thanks for keeping me in mind, appreciate it. :Smile:
      numpty67, Monday 18th May, 2015
  1. Just spotted this in your garage. Love it!!:Grin:
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      Cheers, had it just over a year now, great car for everyday use, must admit I'm not too precious about it, a couple of things not right that need sorting. MOT up in 2 months time so we'll see what happens then.
      numpty67, Friday 15th May, 2015
  2. What a great little car! :Smile:
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      numpty67, Wednesday 7th Jan, 2015
  3. Fantastic car , looks in really good condition, I thought I was aware of every Honda Model but I have never seen one before.
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  4. I love these S-MX I have been looking on autotrader & could only 2 for sale enjoy happy driving.
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  5. This car brings brings back fond memories , we had one of these in metallic purple face lifted model ultra reliable car and the parts and maintenance costs are very reasonable, I consider this one of Honda's hidden gems
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  6. I really like it too, nice and different and looks practical. Mind you I also really like the Nissan Cube. And the old Daihatsu Move...:Pinch:

    Would love to see some more of the Japanese market small cars make it over here - certainly in London the small dimensions and clever packaging would make more sense than a Smart FourTwo or a (shudder) G-Wiz...
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      Cheers, it is based on the 1st Generation CR-V so it's not that small, saying that compared to the CR-V it looks smaller. They have hidden that fact well under what looks like a small hatch but when you open the door to step in you have to climb up on to the seat much like a smaller 4x4 and once in you do sit much higher than a standard car. The dimensions are near identical to the HR-V. Honda did introduce a model called the S-MX Lowdown, which as the name suggests sat much lower.
      numpty67, Tuesday 22nd Apr, 2014
  7. I've been watching your posts with great interest.
    Yours is the ONLY one of these I've ever seen !
    A little sunshine makes a good car look even better. :Photographer:
    A great practical marvel and she's a Honda :Happy:
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  8. Never seen one before but quite like the looks of it.
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  9. Excellent motor. And Honda beat Hyundai to the single door on one side and two on the other. Take that Veloster.
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