Honda S2000
Daily Driver Owned by Captain Slow

  • I bought the car with 16,000 miles in perfect condtion. Not a scratch, not a rock chip, not even a micro-swirl. Daily driving has worn this perfection somewhat, but I'd hate to own a car like this and refuse to enjoy it.
  1. A red AP2. I'm not jealous, really I'm not.
    Who am I kidding. You know how to keep your cars in great condition.
  2. Wow! Great rare colour in great condition. As a daily driver. It doesn't get any better.

    Love the OEM spoilier. Nice AP1 winter wheels. And what about a Berlina Black OEM hardtop for winter?
    1. Captain Slow Avatar
      A fellow owner. Greetings! I'm a big fan of the spoiler, as well. The car looks naked without it! I'd love to get a hardtop but they're rare, overpriced, and I've never seen one for sale in red or black.
      Captain Slow, Wednesday 28th Jan, 2015
    2. bobbybliss Avatar
      Well, I'm sure they'll never get less rare... Never mind the colour. Have it painted... Transforms the car both inside and outside.
      bobbybliss, Wednesday 28th Jan, 2015
  3. Beautiful car. Congrats
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  4. Its say Piss off Kraut's I will have you from breakfast and spit you out my tailpipes. :smoke:
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    1. Captain Slow Avatar
      BMW owners love to talk at me about how fast their family sedan is. :Whistle:
      Captain Slow, Friday 23rd Jan, 2015
  5. Stunning car!
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  6. She looks quick just standing still :Smile:
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  7. She looks in amazing condition - absolutely gorgeous
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