Daily Driver Owned by hsyasin

  1. got her cleaned, so thought to take some more pics for u guys
  2. sure, actually its quite filthy at the moment, havent been washed/cleaned in months, but will post soon.
  3. We need some more pictures of her buddy !
  4. Good to finally see your filly. :Smile:
  5. The one who spoiled me
  6. no its coz she rides along, and gets used like a horse :Grin:
    @SpeedyGee 'she looks darn fine' quite true there mate, some say that i'm weird coz i like specific car in specific shape/model, not new car. And then they say wow, ur car is a looker, when i buy it.:king:
  7. no, not hiding, ti was me being x*lazy :sleep:
  8. Why you been hiding her away mate, she looks darn fine.

    Horse ?? Lol, is that because she gallops along ? :Smile:
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