Daily Driver Owned by haschas

  • Purchased on 2015-09-12 and using it as daily car from then. Step by step making it fit more to my needs...

    Modifications & Optional Extras

    Mounted roof rails;
    Tinted windows;
    Wheels upgrade;
    Windshield replaced;

    Service History & Related Threads

    chassis check (probably will need some replacement or repair)
    car body/windows/headlights polishing;
    brake disks replacement;
    windshield replacement;
    wheel upgrade;
  1. Tikrai gražiai ir tvarkingai atrodantis Accord'as, Aurimai. Stabdžių suportų gražiai nudažytų norėtųsi ir mano akiai bent priekinio bamperio lipo :Smile: O šiaip tikrai super viskas!
  2. Smart looking Tourer you got there @haschas :Thumbup:
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  3. Great photographs Aurimas. :likeit:
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  4. Please add more photographs when you can Aurimas.
    1. haschas Avatar
      Will do in few days.
      haschas, Tuesday 5th Apr, 2016
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