Integra Type-R DC5
Previously Owned Owned by Sam-Legend

  • Some of the cars I have owned when I was single :Grin: when I had time to take a few snap shots , now I married and have kids I slacked off taking photo's will upload a few other of my cars when I have time Merc E320 & Legend KB1 4th Generation etc
  1. Wished I had kept more photo's of the dc5 as I have wet sanded the complete car and at the time had photo of it detailed in person the reflections and shine on her was stunning although these photo don't do itself justice
  2. Love the blue DC5.Such a good looking car and colour suits it really nice.
  3. Great taste and impressive history of Honda cars :Hey:
  4. That's a nice pair of Hondas.:Thumbup:
    Shame they weren't around when I was single :Frown: