Intruder's Accord CL9 Mugen
Daily Driver Owned by intruder

  • Here's my beloved Honda Accord Type-S CL9 Mugen enriched :Thumbup:

    Modifications & Optional Extras


    Genuine Mugen Rear Wing (part no. 84112-XKBD-K0S0)
    Genuine Mugen Number Plate Bolts (part no. 75700-XG8-K0S0)
    Genuine Mugen Metal Logo Emblem (part no. 90000-YZ8-DV62-BK)
    Tinted windows (Llumar film 20% rear, 35% sides)
    Window chrome trims wrapped in black (HEXIS HEX'Press Gloss Black Wrap)
    Genuine Mugen Ventilated Visors (part no. 72400-XKB-K0S0)
    Genuine Honda front & rear red badges (part no. 75700-S5T-E11 (originally EP3 front badge), part no. 75701-S6M-Z01 (originally DC5 badge)
    Genuine Mugen Accord Front Under Spoiler (part no. 71110-XKBD-K2S0)
    Genuine Mugen Accord Rear Under Spoiler (part no. 84111-XKBD-K0S0)
    Genuine Mugen Accord Side Spoilers (part no. 70219-XKBD-K0S0)


    Genuine Mugen Shift :tut: 6MT (part no. 54102-XG8-K1S0-S6)

    Engine bay:

    Fuchs Titan Race Pro S 5W-40 Ester Fully Synthetic engine oil in use
    Genuine Mugen Oil Filler Cap (part no. 15610-XG8-K1S0-R)
    Genuine Mugen Hi-Pressure Radiator Cap (part no. 19045-XGER-0000)
    Genuine Mugen Reserve Tank Covers (part no. 90000-YZ7-0054)
    Genuine Spoon Sports Magnetic Drain Bolts (part no. ALL-90009-000)
    Tegiwa Billet Battery Tie Bar Fitting Kit

    Suspension & brakes:

    ATR Nissin twin pot front brake calipers
    HEL Performance Brakelines (part no. HON-4-025)
    Eibach Pro Kit lowering springs


    LED number plate & side bulbs
    Honda shadow door lights
    HID Xenon headlights conversion kit 6000k
    Genuine Mugen HID Fog Lights (part no. 08V31-XG8-HW03)


    Genuine Mugen Key Under Cover (part no. 35114-SNW-J01M-G)
  1. Wow this car looks amazing
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  2. Incredible pictures the last ones are REALLY LIKE A MIRROR _ WOW !!!:jumpup:
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  3. Nice car looks awesome love the extras :dribble:
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  4. Going to hazard a guess it was your car I saw today at Japfest, hunted you down after seeing the HK stickers! I must say this is a beautiful Accord, and by far the best one I saw today. Very tidy example and I love the Mugen extras. :neo:
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    1. intruder Avatar
      Thank you mate for kind words! :Smile: Yes it was me there today. Have you brought your car to Japfest today?
      intruder, Sunday 24th Apr, 2016
    2. Jasper254 Avatar
      I did but not on a stand, just in the car park for now - maybe one day!
      Jasper254, Sunday 24th Apr, 2016
  5. So much love for this!
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  6. Stunning car mate, and didnt realise it was you I was parked next to at Japfest. (the blue 6th Generation)
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  7. Love the look of your car mate and loving all the geniune mugen parts, can't wait to see the body kit :Smile:
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  8. My old school genie photo bombs into intruders car. :mosh:
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    1. intruder Avatar
      Yeah man! I was too lazy to edit & cut it off :Tongue:
      intruder, Thursday 20th Aug, 2015
  9. To me, car modifications are like cosmetic surgery.
    If it's done well, you don't see the scars, there are no horrid disfigurements.
    You just see a thing of this
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  10. Wicked looking car, very nice