It's a car . .
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  1. My other car is a three wheeler : Latest garage pic
  2. Love the 'new & old' 4th Generation CR-V 'photo.

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  3. I like it - A very easy car to take a nice photo of :Smile:
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  4. Another SR grade CR-V :clap:

    Excellent, nice colour too.
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  5. These new CR-Vs are fantastic looking. Loving the colour of yours..
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    1. SpeedyGee Avatar
      They look mean and aggressive but stylish at the same time don't they @legend-ary
      SpeedyGee, Monday 14th Dec, 2015
    2. legend-ary Avatar
      they do! I think more so after the facelift.
      legend-ary, Tuesday 15th Dec, 2015